Genetic Counselors study more than science - they study people

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Pipetting. Petri dishes. Some people may be cut out for lab work.  As important as laboratory-based health care roles may be, genetic counselors crave working with people in a helping role. Genetic counseling is for those who love both science and people. A degree in genetic counseling combines knowledge of the hard sciences like biology and genetics with the clinical skills needed to address the psychosocial needs of families facing or experiencing a genetic diagnosis. As a genetic counselor, you will be able to interpret a doctors complex diagnosis because you understand the science behind it. From the day they walk through the hospital doors, our students are an essential part of a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, clinicians, geneticists, and researchers--the people who set standards, write policies, and make discoveries. At the University of Cincinnati you will get a research and medical education from world class scholars and clinicians, grounded in science and the latest research. And you will be helping others. Every day.