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UC Genetic Counseling Program graduates working in diverse locations are available to conduct informational meetings with applicants. Meeting a graduate gives applicants the chance to learn more about the Cincinnati Genetic Counseling Program. Our engaged alumni are willing to discuss how the program prepared them for real world genetic counseling and the board exam. This meeting may also provide our Admissions Committee with additional information about your preparation for the program; the graduate will send a short note to our office for your application file. Meeting a Graduate does not substitute for interviewing in Cincinnati with our Admissions Committee.


Applicants who previously worked or interned with a program graduate and asked this graduate to write a formal reference letter for the application should not set up another Meet-A-Graduate appointment.


Although our graduates work all across the United States and in other countries, we recognize that it is impossible for some applicants to meet with one of our graduates in-person. Although we encourage you to meet with a graduate, you will not be penalized if you are unable to do so.


If you want the opportunity to MEET-A-GRADUATE, please contact our office (gcprog@cchmc.org or call 513-636-8448) to obtain contact information for a graduate in your area. It is your responsibility to contact the graduate and schedule a mutually agreeable meeting time and place. The meeting can take place at the graduate’s workplace, a local coffee shop, etc. At this time, we are asking that these meetings take place in-person and not over the phone. As a reminder, all meetings with graduates should take place prior to the application deadline that year. The graduate will not have access to any of your application materials, and you need not bring transcripts, letters, etc. to your meeting.


Meeting a graduate is OPTIONAL. Applicants who do not meet a graduate will not be penalized!!

Locations: All across the United States