Credit options for Clinical Embryology Online

1. Category 1 Genetic Counseling CEUs
    This option is for certified genetic counselors who are
    taking the course for continuing education units.
    Register through the Genetic Counseling Graduate        
    Program.  CEU Registration Form

2.  Graduate Credit Online Option
 Students in the Genetic Counseling Graduate
         Program.  (course #GC 7050 001)
 University of Cincinnati students in other     
         programs, graduate or undergraduate.
         (course #GC 7050 707)
      Register through the University of Cincinnati registrars    

3. Graduate Credit as a Non Matriculated student
    This option is for graduate students who do not attend    
    the University of Cincinnati but want an official transcript
    with a grade.  Exams are required. (course #GC 7050 707)
    Register through the University's Life Long Learning Center by
    completing and following the directions for submitting the
    "Basic Data Form" at the following website:

4. Non Credit
    This option is for anyone who wants to take the course as
    a pre-requisite or to fulfill a remediation requirement.     
    Exams are given and graded but instead of a university
    transcript, enrollees receive a letter of completion with
    a grade from the course instructor.
    Register through the Genetic Counseling Graduate
    Program.  CEU Registration Form

Lecture Schedule and Objectives