Bette Young, B.S.
Program Coordinator, Genetic Counseling Graduate Program


Degree, Certification, Graduation

Bette graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design and an Associate Degree in Management.  Her experience in administrative support and management spans several industries including retail, law and education. 


Prior work, qualifications, awards

Before joining the Genetic Counseling Program, Bette worked for the University of Cincinnati Physiology Department where she gained over five years experience as a Program Coordinator. There, her specialties were recruitment, event planning, student advising and budget administration.  Prior to that, she served the university for 13 years in retail management.  At the University of Cincinnati she earned awards including the Harry Goedde Coach Award, and she was a three-time nominee for President Zimpher’s Outstanding Customer Service Award. 


Current responsibilities, interests

At the Cincinnati Genetic Counseling Graduate Program, Bette is responsible for day to day administration and operational issues, data management,  program and student support. She is especially passionate about applying her background in customer service to ensure students receive the program support they need to overcome obstacles and achieve milestones toward their terminal degrees.